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21 May 2016 

Michael William

Variety is the spice of life and it is natural that not two men in crowd will have the same preference and choice. There are some who want to get all the excitement of life by watching games and sporting fest, while some want to sip every bit of joy and pleasure from the divergent movies including old classics and latest Hollywood entrants. DISH Network channels like Kids and Teen Entertainment, Nickelodeon and more are hot favorite for kids and toddlers. Still there are few more people for whom watching television means only to catch the latest in adult programming. All these viewers go for DISH Network deals thereby bringing home sizzling adult content and programming stuff. In this way they can bring in enough heat and excitement in their lives thereby beating the chilly wintry bites of the current season.

Take a stroll to the hot adult programming of DISH Network there by infusing lot of thrill and enticement in your life and environment. DISH is not the sole provider, even DirecTV offers Satellite TV Deals so that viewers can enjoy adult programs at the cozy corner of bed room. But in terms of creativity and artistry DirecTV"s programming content is not at par with that of DISH adult TV channels. Also there is no end of adult entertainment with DISH as you can set your DISH HD DVR for recording the programs for several times viewing at your convenient time and preference. Plus, The DISH Receiver with its parental lock system enables you to lock and bar those adult channels from the grip of kids and young members of your family. Isn"t it quite innovative?

Delving deep into the matter let us throw some light on some DISH Network channels that broadcast adult programs and content.

First and foremost it is Playboy television that brings in all the top class programs of adult entertainment of United States. Content is seductive as well as original. Available on Channel number 488 one can watch programs in HD programming format with larger than life images and stunning sound system. You can enjoy late night films, special adult shows and many more and the price fare is only $16 / month.

Next in the line is none other than Real TV where, as the name suggests, everything is real without any scripting, set ups and pretensions. In this channel you can watch all the video programs that showcase people in real life scenario. Aired on channel number 492, you can get $ 29.99/ month. It is rated "XX.5".

Fresh is another popular DISH channel for adult content and it dishes out all the fresh and new content of adult entertainment industry. Apart from promoting some budding adult performers this channel is a must for those who want to get some valuable tips on sexual life. It is on DISH channel no 493 and is priced at $29.99/moth. It has "XX.5" tag.

That is not the end of list. Other DISH Network channels like Juicy, Reality Kings TV, HustlerTV, XTSY, Reality Kings TV/HustlerTV, XTSY/Juicy also are available.

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Check out the DISH busty amateur webcams Network Deals so that you can pick the best of DISH TV packages that include adult and hot content. You can also enjoy some of the channels in DISH HD mode that ensure superb images and stunning sound system.

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20 May 2016 
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18 May 2016 
The image on the July 3, 1995, cover of Time magazine struck a chord with the public as few do: a boy stares, wide-eyed, at the blue-green triple-X glow of a computer monitor. The accompanying article - and resulting furor over its accuracy - trumpeted cyberporn as Public Leviathan No. 1. For some time the pornography issue has been a Gordian knot in which free speech, feminism, free enterprise, violence against women, child sexuality, and gay rights are knitted into a tightly balled mess. Add in the accessibility of the Internet - with its promise of porn dumped right into the home - and it becomes clear why many find the issue so compelling.

As New York City mayor Rudolph Giullani is preparing to rid Times Square of its legendary smut spots and Congress has charged into the on-line big tits free tranny cams fray with the Exon amendment, which would criminalize the computer transmission of "obscene" material, there has been a landslide of serious attention in the press paid to the workings and consequences of pornography (Death-of-a-Porn-Star is the most fecund ground, yielding recent articles in The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, and Out). Even Hollywood is interested, embracing rated-X matter in films like Showgirls and Striptease; a biopic on Hustler magnate Larry Flynt is scheduled.

Art, of course, has long trafficked in what is unsanctioned by society at large. Pornography is no exception. Artists have appropriated porn imagery in work ranging from Richard Prince's mid-'80s "Entertainers," electric-colored photos of porn stars, to Sue Williams' blood-and-guts paintings of copulating couples, to the output of a host of lesser-known artists, including Tom Burr, Jeff Burton, and Aura Rosenberg.

Today, pornography seems to be on everyone's mind. Can this be called a porno moment?

JOHN WATERS (director): Yes, I think it's a porno moment. I was recently a judge for the Male Erotic Video Awards, and at one point Jeff Stryker came out fully clothed, with his zipper down and a huge hard-on hanging out, and the entire audience gave him a standing ovation. I kept thinking that ten or fifteen years ago this sort of venue would have been raided. What amazes me about pornography is that men just don't seem to be embarrassed by it - and I do think that men in general, gay or straight, seem to love pornography. I was on a plane once, and a Japanese man sitting next to me took out a porn magazine - close-up shots of vaginas and so on, nothing softcore about it - and started leafing through it as though it were the in-flight magazine. He kept right on flipping through as if it were utterly natural. Porn really is everywhere now - anyone in any suburban town can go right out and pick some up - and the irony is that the one place trying to get rid of or regulate it is Manhattan!

AMY ADLER (attorney and senior research associate, Freedom Forum Media Center): It's not just a porno moment - it's a kiddie-porn moment. Children are one of the last good rhetorical weapons left in the culture wars. My theory is that all the anxiety about child pornography manifested in the media, law enforcement, and the courts is producing the very responses in popular culture that these forces are trying to regulate - look at Calvin Klein, or the kinderwhore look that used to be associated with Courtney Love, or the obsession with child sex-abuse cases, which has arisen only in the last ten years. All these things reflect a growing fascination in our culture with childhood sexuality, which I think the legal and regulatory climate may actually be stimulating. Perhaps making this material taboo creates desire for it. Repression is never complete enough, and it often produces the very thing it purports to repress. And as culture responds, the cycle only escalates, driving calls for greater repression.

I think the increased fascination with children's sexuality may stem from two other cultural shifts: the transformation of gender roles and the growth of cyberspace. Much of the focus on children as sexual objects represents a reaction to the changing role of women and a longing for the day when women as sexual objects were docile and easily controlled. It's interesting in this context that a lot of the anxiety over child sexual abuse started in day-care centers, places where women left their children when they went off to work.

Rapid technological change may also explain the new focus on children's sexuality. A lot of the outcry over child pornography specifically concerns cyberporn - parents' anxieties that they don't know enough about technology to control what their children see and a deeper anxiety about their inability to control their children's burgeoning sexuality. The way sexuality and technology are both seen as "out of control" may explain why pornography, especially on-line porn, has become such an incredibly popular target.

IAN GITTLER (photographer): People are always interested in sex and how it's dealt with in culture, but a number of things, like sex on the Internet, or a porn star committing suicide, or the tape of a famous mainstream actor that shows he was previously involved in porn, make it seem more like a porno moment than it really is. These are just ways for the popular media to look into sexual matter without the directness that might terrorize advertisers.

Most of the technological revolutions since the '70s have been linked to the distribution of pornography. The first video titles available commercially on Betamax were porn flicks, and the first CD-ROMS were porn CD-ROMS. Porn seems to be the greatest attraction to the Internet for the average person. The people who produce this sort of "entertainment" are always eager to pursue new avenues of distribution, because they're always facing limitations and legal hassles. It's a way of getting around obscenity laws and popular dissent about whether they have the right to do what they do.

MARILYN MINTER (artist): Ten years ago, the opposition to those who wanted to censor pornography came from Screw magazine; now there are academics and intellectuals arguing for the sake of pornographic images. This is the only difference between the situation surrounding porn today and that of a decade back. Pornography is about fantasy, and people need images for arousal. I'm not opposed to porn, obviously. There's a lot of fear and prejudice surrounding it because of its abusive history, but for some people, the only sexual expression they have is through pornography, and repressing it is even more dangerous. It would be more productive for women to interface with the industry, to create images for their own pleasure, instead of trying to censor it, which is never going to succeed anyway. Then again, maybe porn is supposed to be nasty and dirty - I don't know. I do know this, however: nobody has politically correct fantasies, and you can't police desire.

TOM BURR (artist): There does seem to be a greater spectacle involving pornography, coupled with concern over it on a legislative level. But what seems to be the issue is not so much the images themselves but the spectacle of their removal. In my ongoing work, I've found it interesting to locate pornography within several different contexts. One is the architectural context of 42nd Street - the particular kinds of storefronts and interior spaces laid over preexisting spaces. The other is the context of historic "blue laws" that allow some sort of pornographic ambiance to coexist alongside at least the idea of a repressive shield, perfect examples of which are the computerized modules you see on television that cover up body parts; the images are excluded from vision on only a symbolic level. However, I don't find this particular period to be more riddled with pornographic material than any other time - only the context of porn and fascination with the idea of it have changed.

PAUL THEROUX (writer): If more people are talking about pornography right now maybe it's because there's greater freedom to do so. What is true, generally speaking, is that pornography has always been created by repression. I find that the pornography a culture produces is a portrait of a country's male subconscious. Wherever there is segregation of the sexes, for instance, you tend to find pornography - you certainly find it in Japan, China, India, Germany, all of Western Europe, and the United States. Pornography also seems to be a function of religious, particularly Christian, repression. But I have found several places in the world where there is no pornography. For instance, the Trobriand Islanders, whom the anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski studied, have no pornography, nor do they have any interest in it, but they have a lot of sexual license and the sexes live fairly equally. The boys and girls are introduced to sex at an early age, when they begin to show an interest. Pornography also seems to be largely absent in many African nations - I lived in both Uganda and Malawi, and found little evidence of pornography there.

But it's hard to talk about pornography, and one of the reasons is that there has been no exhaustive, encyclopedic work done on it - either you get pictures with no text, or you get pompous, pretentious text that doesn't include the pictures. There's nothing in-between. It's sort of strange that every art form has had something comprehensive published about it but pornography. I think the whole subject of pornography makes people who speak about it highly tendentious.

David Colman contributes this column regularly to Artforum.

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18 May 2016 
While the hubs in question seem to be adult in subject matter, I would disagree that they are "adult" as defined by the accepted context in the American culture at least. I would not consider the hubs as described to be adult. The subject matter is adult oriented, but the treatment does not qualify it as "adult" by the commonly used implication. The posters are looking for specific directives on what constitutes adult content by Hubpage standards and what does not.

I do not think that the material in the hubs in question, if it lacks graphic detail is actually "adult" on content as defined by the public. Maybe a rating system (G, PG, PG-13, Unacceptable) would be more helpful or a rubric that defined what was acceptable and what was not. From the descriptions of the posters, just my impression, it appears the hubs would qualify as PG under that kind of system.

If Hubpages is going to require a certain level of compliance on content the onus for defining compliance is on Hubpages. It is neither ethical, nor reasonable to expect posters to be able to read the minds of the moderators and discern what is acceptable, and what is not from non-specific descriptions. Depending on their cultural background, and level of maturity, I feel fairly confident in saying that most actual adults would not consider the hubs as described adult in content.

I know that is not an easy thing to do, and it will be almost impossible to produce guidelines that everyone would agree with. However, that said, it does seem as though that is important to do. Maybe a forum for discussing the issue might help moderators arrive at a useful, directive description for what is acceptable and what is not. A system for review by moderators might also be helpful.

Once the moderators arrive at, and agree on a specific description of what constitutes adult on Hubpages, I think it would make their jobs a lot easier. The more specific the description the less authors will be confused by what constitutes adult content, and the less moderators will latino free shemale web cams have to address such questions.

Just my opinion.

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18 May 2016 

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Each of us is exposed to and bombarded by - on a daily basis - an evil that is extremely enticing and appealing, so selfishly gratifying (temporarily), so unavoidably addictive, and so incredibly damaging to our thoughts, lives, families, and society. It is a plague and modern day slavery that is slowly and subtly destructive, and yet it is justified by the supposed mass-popularity, innate natural passions within us all, and the wrongly assumed reasoning that participation in this evil is simply an expression of 'freedom' and 'choice.'

Anyone addicted to this evil - pornography - will certainly attest and declare that the reward for this selfish and addictive act is anything but 'freedom.' The reality is that thoughts become corrupted, commitments and responsibilities discarded, crimes committed, addictions developed, and selfish lusts become more important than self-control. Pornography is an industry that makes a few wealthy at the expense of destroying lives, tearing apart marriages and families, and essentially weakening the very foundation of our society.

Ironically, one aspect of pornography's destructive influence that is rarely mentioned is its negative impact on our personal, family, and even financial potential. Participation in pornography always results in: a lack of confidence, guilt and shame, mental and spiritual abilities weakened, and potential relationships ruined (relationships that are necessary not only for our happiness, but our eventual success). People involved in and addicted to this evil fail to realize that this same self-confidence, mental reasoning ability, belief in oneself, family relationships, self-control, time not wasted, spiritual awareness, and ability to overcome are the very underlying elements to success - thus, necessary to reach our full potential in anything.

And yet, in the midst of the daily bombardment of immorality seen on the TV, movies, commercials, magazines, and websites - one would logically wonder if and how it's possible to overcome such a temptation in order to fully live up to ones full potential.

Thankfully, it is possible! Let me suggest 8 tips, that if applied, will not only result in avoiding or overcoming the addictions of pornography, but actually result in personal self-confidence, family happiness, and developing the attributes and habits necessary to reach our full potential and be successful in anything in life:

1) Daily Effort: It is of utmost importance to remember that although continuous actions for good result in habits that are good, temptation and pornography will still abound ... often daily. Thus, the necessity of controlling our thoughts and developing self control must be a daily effort. Just as we would practice daily for a sport or learning an instrument, or putting forth the daily effort to succeed in school or work - the same DAILY effort is required to fight this moral battle.

2)Turn off the TV: Although in some instances it is impossible to avoid this evil, we can do more. Don't visit that website, do something other than watch TV, don't go see that movie, put down the magazine, don't enter the pop-up or advertisement, turn the channel during that commercial, etc. It's hard, it takes discipline, and even if 'everyone else is doing it' ... you must not! In fact, this is more than just avoiding pornography. We need to turn off the TV more and stop wasting time 'surfing the web,' and instead, pick up an educational book or spend an hour developing a talent, exercising, or working on an entrepreneurial venture - these are a few of the reasons people are successful, accomplish great things, and acquire much wealth.

3)Control Your Thoughts: Do you actually realize the power of your thoughts? Thoughts literally convert into actions. Thus, whatever it is that we entertain on the stage of our own minds will in time become our very actions, habits, and character. You may not have asked or chosen to view the image, but you certainly have the choice as to whether or not to keep that image playing on the screen of your mind. If you can learn the art of controlling your thoughts, you have won half the battle to succeed at anything in life!

4)Remember the Consequences: Realize now that the fruits of pornography are: momentary gratification and lustful pleasure followed by immediate shame, guilt, fear, embarrassment, and possible failure. Eventually addictions form, curiosity heightens, people become past feeling, and the result - marriages end, families are torn apart, fortunes lost, dreams not realized, and crimes perhaps even committed to satisfy a lust (or possibly reach that 'dream'). From a strictly financial or potential perspective, viewing pornography will always lower one's self-confidence, result in addictions that waste time, cost money, and tear apart important relationships. To be successful in anything, we must have clear minds, high self-esteem, never be idle mentally or physically, and protect and enhance all important relationships in our life.

5)Difference Between 'True Love' and 'True Lust': Love is attraction, affection, and even sexuality - but more than that, 'true love' requires work, effort, change, sacrifice, compassion, discipline, and unselfishness. And yet, the entertainment of the world promotes images and messages that over time convince us that 'lust' is actually 'love.' In every sense of the word, 'lust' is instant and temporary gratification that is easily obtained, and is the epitome of selfishness. Success in life - in business pursuits, academic endeavors, family life, or personal goals - will never be achieved if we cannot first learn how to control our minds, discipline our actions, implement the attributes of 'true love', and daily conquer this moral battle.

6)Idle Minds & Actions are the Seedbed for Disaster: The moment you find yourself idle either mentally or physically, you must know that this should be the first warning sign of possible danger ahead. 'Surfing the web' alone, or with nothing else to do; watching a movie that perhaps should not be viewed; flipping through a magazine; or going into the pop-up just out of 'curiosity' - these are the first idle steps to inevitable temptation (and eventual failure). Decide now to have integrity when alone, and make a rule to never 'surf the web' when you feel lonely, depressed, frustrated, tired, or with nothing else to do. This isn't just about you - this is about every relationship that is important to you: spouse, children, family, friends, and even business relationships. Successful people are not idle mentally or physically, and they certainly never allow others to entice them to use their minds, talents, and time that will only result in weakness, guilt, failure, and possible destruction.

7)Deciding in the Moment of Temptation is Too Late: Decide right now that you will NOT enter that website, rent that movie, or watch that TV show. Decide now what your limits are, and never cross them. Write your decision down on paper, put it in a place seen often and review it daily, and completely commit to the decision made in the moment of clarity of mind (not when you must decide in that fleeting hour of lust, selfishness, temporary gratification, and temptation). The ability to DECIDE NOW, and stick to that plan (regardless of what comes up) is an indication of a successful individual. We often are faced with opportunities that if we can't develop the ability to be assertive, take a risk, make a decision, be disciplined, and follow through with that - we'll never accomplish anything worthwhile in life.

8)Absolutely No Excuses: Always remember that the media, individuals, and companies everywhere have one goal - to make money. Thus, they entice us to buy their product by luring us in with sexually exciting, pornographic, and addicting images and messages. Regardless of this fact, there is never an excuse for looking at and becoming involved in this filth. It does not matter if you are just 'curious' - don't look, don't go into that advertisement, don't watch that show or visit that website. And realize that the moment you hear yourself saying or thinking these things, you are headed for trouble, addictions, misery, and possible failure. When you hear yourself saying: it won't hurt anyone, it's my choice, everyone is doing it, I am just curious, it's not that bad, I need to know so I am not ignorant, my friends want/force me to, etc. Stop! Turn away immediately. Be proactive. Be disciplined. Don't give excuses. Just turn away and don't get involved.

This is more than simply not looking at pornography - this is developing the ability to acquire the necessary discipline and attributes that are essential to success in anything in life. Just like any success, overcoming pornography requires desire, belief that it is possible, learning how to control your thoughts, putting forth daily effort, not being idle, deciding now and having a Helpless Teens plan, and then sticking to that plan regardless (without ever quitting - or giving excuses). This is the formula to both avoiding pornography and also achieving success in anything in life.

Author's Bio:

Matt is the founder of - a website focused on inspiring people to achieve their goals and dreams, live up to their full potential, and learn the secrets for success in anything. As a successful entrepreneur, Matt recently accomplished one of his dreams - to write a book! His book is entitled: "Great Games! 175 Games & Activities for Families, Groups, & Children." To view the book and learn more, visit:

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